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Easy Payment Plan

0% Finance Fees

0% Interest Fees

Flexible Payment Plan


1. This special financing option only applies to services over $400.00 such as microblading, combo brow or microshading.  We offer two payment arrangements.  You can make monthly or bi-weekly payments. The amount per month is a $100.00 until the service is paid in full.  The bi-weekly payments are $50.00. No interest or finance charges apply. Taxes will be applied.


2. You authorize us to charge each payment to your preferred payment method. If the preferred method is unavailable (for example, a card has expired and cannot be charged successfully), we will use another payment method we have on record for you. You agree to maintain at least one valid credit card that expires no earlier than 20 days after your last payment due date. 


3. We also accept money orders made out to LYNE,LLC. Please include your name (print legible).  All payments can be mailed to:

            LC Lash & Brow Bar

            PO Box 272

            Warrington, Pa 18976


4. Once we receive your first payment we can book your appointment.  No appointments will be booked without an initial payment.


5. If you choose to cancel this appointment, all money received is non-refundable or non-transferrable.  And should you need to use this service in the future unfortunately it is not available. 


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