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BIOTIN INFUSED VITAMIN ENRICHED BROW SERUM that naturally stimulates, regenerates sparse or overplucked brows. Within six to eight weeks, it produces new fullness. Combined with nourishing components such as biotin and castor oil, the highly effective complex of active ingredients with B7 stimulates both the active and inactive hair roots in the eyebrows, which is proven to encourage their natural growth.



How to use: 

Apply Stimubrow to the natural shape of your brow, concentrating specifically on sparse, thinning, over-plucked, or tail-less areas. Use once daily and allow 1 to 2 minutes for the serum to dry. Due to the length of the brow cycle, apply every day for a full 4 months. After desired improvement is achieved, apply every other day for maintenance. Stimubrow requires continued use to maintain benefits.

*Cruelty Free



Do not get into the eye. Keep out of reach of children. If redness or irritation occurs, stop using product.

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Biotin- is amazing for hair follicle growth. Biotin also known as vitamin B7 stimulates keratin production in hair and can increase the rate of follicle growth. Biotin can improve hair quality, including thickness and shine.

Sweet almond oil-  Is a fantastic moisturizer for hair and skin. Sweet Almond oil creates a smoothness and slip that helps separate strands, which makes combing easier and prevents excessive friction and hair loss. Not only does sweet Almond Oil help hair strands, but its hydration benefits are amazing.

Sweet Almond Oil

Castor oil- Castor oil is a type of fatty acid found to fight inflammation. When applied it enhances the health of the hair follicles and promotes hair growth, as well as protect against hair loss. Castor oil also locks in moisture.

Castor Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil-Olive oil deeply nourishes and conditions the hair, leaving it soft and shiny. Extra Virgin olive oil does encourage hair growth; it reduces hair loss by preventing the hormone dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. Olive oil contains antifungal properties and moisturizer that stimulate hair production too. The regular use of olive oil helps block the production of DHT and therefore helps reduce hair fallout.


Brow Glaze
A Long wearing invisible brush on brow glaze for all hair colors that sets defines, and holds brows in place. Adds volume for healthy looking brows, Fills brows to perfect fuller looking brows. 
How to apply:

  Apply brow glaze after brow pencil, apply in short upwards strokes as a finishing topcoat, or alone for a clean polished look.


Water, EUPHORBIA CERIFERA wax, isopropyl myristate, cetyl alcohol, carbomer, glyceryl stearate, magnesium stearate, hydroxyethyl cellulose, methyl paraben, Propyl paraben, butylated hydroxytoluene.


Brow Pencil

A dual ended eyebrow pencil with ultra-fine tip and spoolie on the other side. This fine tip pencil helps to create hair like stokes and the spoolie brush helps define, shape, and soften harsh lines. Formulated for long lasting wear and fade resistant.

What it does:

 This pencil transforms shapeless, undefined brows with just a few flicks of the pencil. The fine tip makes adding detailed definition to your brows. With the rich formula it glides smoothly on to brows, and is ideal for filling in sparse or over tweezed areas.

How to use:

Begin with clean dry brows. Fill in brows by drawing short, upward strokes in the direction of your natural hair growth. Comb through brows with spoolie to soften harsh lines for more natural look. To lock in finish with the  brow glaze on top.

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